We design places for sharing.

Society is changing now.
Today, society is changing more rapidly than ever. Fluidization and globalization has brought about more opportunities for people around the world to come into contact. This has impacted lifestyles, businesses and local communities, and conventional models of business and society are becoming, in effect, defunct.

In this constantly changing society, what we strive towards is to continually redefine richness in life through architecture. Diversity in housing that is not simply bound by the ties of family, lodging that connects various countries and regions, commercial facilities that place more emphasis on experience as opposed to the simple purchasing of commodities, new offices in an age in which communication and innovation will bring about new business opportunities, nursing and care facilities fit to an individual’s life; while these places are all meant for differing uses, they all give birth to new values through the concept of “sharing.”

An architect’s individuality is oftentimes marked by form or materials, but what we hope to pursue is what kinds of activities will be born in the spaces we create. We design spaces through a consideration of both the hard (built elements) and soft (management and use) aspects of a space.

Because such spaces are still currently in development, both in terms of spatial design as well as management, a unique set of design skills is necessary to carefully adjust the design to management methods and other demands. Based on our accumulation of skills and knowledge, we propose concepts and designs best fit to each place.







■Supporting production (design, design, supervision)
We perform design supervision work for new construction and renovation of buildings. We place importance on interactive design using models so that it can be used as intended after it is built.
Especially in a shared space, the distance and communication between other people will be designed, so we will carefully design the quality of the entire space, the shape and dimensions of the furniture based on this perspective.

■Planning support (Produce business)
In the case of a business project, we will propose the business content and income and expenditure plan as a pre-design stage. Before the content of the business is decided, we will discover the relationship with the area and the image of the user through dialogue and plan it.
In addition, we will form a team of cooperating companies such as operation, art direction, sign planning, web design, textile design, lighting design according to the plan and branding.

■Supporting learning (seminar, lectures, workshops)
We conduct seminars, lectures, workshops, etc. for universities, companies, and real estate owners, focusing on our practice and the thought behind it. Through these opportunities, I would like to think about the future society together.